Monday, July 30, 2018

Impostor Syndrome Lives Here

My blog has been sorely neglected for a while now. Not only have things been very busy between working two jobs and writing, I've had the worst case of impostor syndrome. I have a number of half written blogs but then good ole anxiety kicks in. All the ways people will view what I'm saying negatively run through my head. Who am I to post about anything?

The world is not kind. Everyone knows that. Trolls lurk online in every nook. People are more willing to share their negative thoughts than their positive ones these days. Putting anything out there is a gamble.

It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there. I learned that quickly in my news days. I worked for a small town radio station that everyone loves to complain about. It was, and still is, hard not to get offended when people do because I know how hard those at the station work and how much they care. Given, some complaints are justified, but most are people wanting to rant and because the people on the radio are faceless and easy targets--much like those on the internet.

Then why do I worry so much about posting a blog? There's more of myself in my posts than when I wrote and read news on the air. The events I wrote about for the news were not my opinions, thoughts, or experiences. Here they are.

How do you get past impostor syndrome and the anxiety?

You suck it up and try your best. Be kind to yourself (something which I need to learn) and not so critical. You can hide away, but that won't accomplish anything. It's best to surround yourself with supportive people to help you through those dark times of doubt. Remind yourself that the voice that holds you back lies. Your words, thoughts, creations are important. They add something to the world. You never know who is reading/listening. You may change someone's mind, opinion, or life.

The universal truth is not everyone will like what you do. And that's okay. I try to teach my children that it's okay not to like something or someone, but it's not okay to rip things or people apart. Opinions are subjective. As writers, we learn that fast when other people read our work. I wish the world would shift so that people didn't feel obligated to agree with what others liked to fit in and that a difference of opinion was respected, not viewed as threatening. If that were the case, maybe we'd have an easier time releasing our work into the world.

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