Sunday, March 25, 2018

Read What You Love

If a book sounds good, I'll read it no matter the category. Adult, young adult, middle grade, it doesn't matter. Give me a story that will hook me, good characters and writing, and I'm set.

I'm surprised how many adults apologize for what they read. Why should people feel guilty for the type of book(s) they enjoy? It mostly happens with young adult books. I've had many adults feel the need to justify why they are reading them, though I didn't say a thing.  Don't do that. Read what you love, what makes you happy, and don't apologize for it. If you aren't into a genre of book that others enjoy, that's fine. Not everyone likes the same things.

I've heard of people who put down those who enjoy romance books, which isn't cool. There have been people who turned their nose up when I told them I read mostly fantasy. I'm not going to apologize for what I enjoy reading, nor will I put down someone for reading a book I'm not interested in. We all have our genre preferences, but one isn't better than others.

There seems to be a desire to say we like a book when someone else says they do. This makes no sense. I've slowly gotten over the need to gloss over my dislike of a book when someone tells me they liked it. I'll tell them it just wasn't for me. I don't slam the book, that's in poor taste. I may say what in the book didn't appeal to me or if something specific bothered me, I'll mention it. It's always interesting to hear what appeals to other people and why.

My daughter brought home Among the Hidden, about a boy who must remain hidden at home because he's a third child which is illegal in that society. Though it was a book intended for about grade six, it was really good. I looked forward to reading it each night with her. She got the second book in the series but we didn't finish it because she wasn't that into it. I'd like to go back and finish the series. I recently finished The Giver, also a junior fiction. I had a hard time putting it down. I loved the story. I love Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia. I know some adults who won't look at them because they believe they are only "for children." If you've tried to read a book and couldn't get into it because of the story or the writing, that's fine, at least you tried.

Over the past year I've read more young adult books. Not intentionally, they just happened to be ones I picked up because I wanted to read the story. Some of them I've had a hard time putting down! My oldest is 12 years old so I'm enjoying reading young adult books and thinking of what may appeal to her. I can't wait until she's ready for some of the titles I've read and we can discuss them!

Let's stop making reading a competition and understand that everyone likes different things. It's fine to disagree with someone's opinion on a book, but there's no need to be mean about it.