Monday, April 3, 2017

#RWWChallenge - Week 1

Twitter has all sorts of fun for writers. I've seen events where each day you share a bit about your work in progress (WIP). They always look like fun, but I often forget about them or find out about them after the fact.

Round The World Writers is hosting an April Writer's Challenge and I thought it was time to try one out since I'm working on a new story.

Though I'm sharing daily on Twitter, I'll do a little round up each week here of my responses. I don't have much to share this week since the event is only a few days in.

Day 1
My current WIP is an adult speculative fiction. It's based in our current time but has some fantasy elements, like magic.

Day 2
Three words I'd use to describe my protagonist are: mother, independent, magical.

Day 3
My WIP was inspired by the movie Mr and Mrs Smith and thinking about ways to twist it a little.

If you're working on something, feel free to hop on Twitter and share your responses under the #RWWChallenge.

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