Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#RWWChallenge - Week 4

This past week was a busy one as I worked some odd shifts at work then went away for a writing workshop on the weekend. Though I may not have hit everyday on Twitter, I'll fill in the ones I missed on here.

For those who missed this series, I've been doing the #RWWChallenge  put on by Round The World Writers on Twitter. There's a question every day that writers answer about their WIP (works in progress). Here's the list and below, you can find my responses for days 18 to 24.

Day 18 - Three random things that are important to my WIP are: tea, patience, and magic.

Day 19 - I was asked to share an image that inspired this work...I shared two.

Day 20 - The three words to describe my antagonist are: sneaky, young, and deceptive.

Day 21 - See above pictures for two stories that I compare my story to.

Day 22 - My WIP doesn't have a theme song...Maybe Blondie's "One Way or Another" because of the stalking, nothing to do with love. I've been using Collective Soul as my sound track mostly, though that will likely expand as I enter edits.

Day 23 - I haven't deleted any scenes that I love...yet. I'm just embarking on edits.

Day 24 - Who would play the lead if my WIP was a movie...I'm not sure. I haven't given it much thought. I'd love Scarlett Johansson or Keira Knightly because they are both cool.

You can find week 1, week 2, and week 3 of the challenge on my blog.

One more to go! This has been an interesting exercise for sure. Hope you've enjoyed learning more about my work in progress.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

#RWWChallenge - Week 3

I'm a day late posting because this long weekend has me all turned around.

For those of you just seeing this series, I'm taking part in a month long challenge on Twitter by Round The World Writers. Each day I answer a question about my work-in-progress (WIP) on Twitter and on Mondays (usually) I post a roundup of the answers on my blog. Week 1 and Week 2 are available.

So let's get on with Week 3!

Day 11 - My current WIP is contemporary and set in a city. I'm still undetermined as to which city. I worry about marketability if I make it a Canadian one.

Day 12 - No favourite line comes to mind immediately. I do like banter so there is some of that in this WIP. I haven't gotten my hands dirty in edits yet to know the MS (manuscript) well enough to choose a line off the top of my head.

Day 13 - My protagonist's biggest secret is that she's lonely. She's a window and a single mom who believes she's too busy with parenting and work to have a relationship of any sort.

Day 14 - One of the hardest scenes to write is when my protagonist is trapped in a house with someone she's trying to help and they have to fight their way out. I struggled for days with that scene since I just wasn't feeling it. I ended up taking it as far as I could and then wrote, "and they escape." I'll fix it in edits and probably curse my past self for not finishing it.

Day 15 - I don't have a daily word count since I finished the 0 draft of this MS last week. I'm getting ready to embark on edits.

Day 16 - I didn't get around to posting this one on Twitter unfortunately. I'd love for Anne Rice to do a blurb for my book one day. Though I'd be happy if any author took the time to blurb my book.

Day 17 - Planning? I laugh in the face of planning! Not really. Being a pantser, there's not a lot of planning that goes into my 0 drafts. I did make a few notes before starting and kept a document with some thoughts as I wrote.

That's it for this week!

Monday, April 10, 2017

#RWW Challenge - Week 2

So far I've kept up with the #RWWChallenge on Twitter. If you want to see my responses to week one, you can check them out here.

If you're interested in getting in on the challenge, check out Round The World Writers on Twitter.

Day 4 - I don't have a character in my current work in progress that I want to be BFFs with, at least not yet. I'm still working on connecting with the story and characters. Hopefully the time will come when I love them all.

Day 5 - I usually write in the evening once my imps go to bed so I have fewer distractions. I make a tea, maybe grab some chocolate, and write.

Day 6 - That day I didn't write because it was my night to work late.

Day 7 - I have such an amazing group of writer friends. I give shout outs to Dea Poirier, Em Shotwell, Ian Barnes, Gwynne Jackson, Kassandra, and Tamara Girardi. That was all I could fit in one Tweet. Honestly, the true list is long.

Day 8 - Sorry, no inspiration board...yet.

Day 9 - My favourite subplot is the main character's daughter developing her own magic.

Day 10 - I had intended not to have any romantic interest in this manuscript. Then one appeared, as seems to happen to me. The advice I was given was a) my manuscript needed a love interested and b) they needed to sleep together. Of course the writers who declared this were just teasing me but it's still fun to blame the whole appearance of a love interest on them.

That's it for this week!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

#DarkLitChat Special

Every month I co-host #DarkLitChat on Twitter with my friend and critique partner Dea Poirier. We invite writers of all genres who writer darker stories to join us for an hour long chat.

Before Christmas a conversation came up during a chat about short stories. There were many people who said they struggled with them and were unsure the best way to go about them. I happen to know a wonderful author who writes amazing short stories and invited her to join us to answer questions.

Rhonda Parrish will join us on Tuesday, April 18 at 8 pm (eastern) to answer questions.

Rhonda is driven by a desire to do All The Things. She founded and ran Niteblade Magazine, is an Assistant Editor at World Weaver Press and is the editor of several anthologies including, most recently, Equus and D is for Dinosaur.

In addition, Rhonda is a writer whose work has been in publications such as Tesseracts 17: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast and Imaginarium: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing (2012 & 2015). She also co-wrote a paranormal non-fiction title, Haunted Hospitals, with Mark Leslie.

You don't want to miss out on this #DarkLitChat!

If you want us to remind you...sign up for a reminder email here.

Any questions...just leave them below.

Monday, April 3, 2017

#RWWChallenge - Week 1

Twitter has all sorts of fun for writers. I've seen events where each day you share a bit about your work in progress (WIP). They always look like fun, but I often forget about them or find out about them after the fact.

Round The World Writers is hosting an April Writer's Challenge and I thought it was time to try one out since I'm working on a new story.

Though I'm sharing daily on Twitter, I'll do a little round up each week here of my responses. I don't have much to share this week since the event is only a few days in.

Day 1
My current WIP is an adult speculative fiction. It's based in our current time but has some fantasy elements, like magic.

Day 2
Three words I'd use to describe my protagonist are: mother, independent, magical.

Day 3
My WIP was inspired by the movie Mr and Mrs Smith and thinking about ways to twist it a little.

If you're working on something, feel free to hop on Twitter and share your responses under the #RWWChallenge.