Monday, March 6, 2017

Teenage Mind Blown

I've always been a big music fan. As a teenager my room was plastered with posters of the rock/metal bands I loved. I watched and made video tapes of music videos, award shows, interviews (which I actually still have tucked away somewhere). I'd run the the store each month for the latest issues of Metal Edge, Hit Parade, or Shout! I even traded with people around the world. I could tell you birthdays of members of bands, how bands got together...yup, that was me.

As time rolled on and other things took priority, I didn't collect quite so much. I sold off my collections, but I still tried to keep up with who was releasing new albums. Then kids came along and most of that stuff, along with my other interests, fell to the side.

Thankfully, in the last several years it's been coming back around. Not to the same point as when I was a teenager, I don't have that sort of time or head space anymore ;)

One things that's struck me is how much the internet has changed fandom. My teenage self would be in heaven. This morning I came across a radio station interview with Chris Cornell from a couple of years ago. This was the sort of stuff I traded for back in the day, but here I am, able to not only listen, but watch the interview! Music videos, appearances, it's all there for the taking.

What really floors me when I think about it compared to my hard core fandom days is the ability to interact with them. Like the day author Lilith Saintcrow responded to my tweets about her book, or the day this happened:

Yup. That's Chris Cornell retweeting my blog link and commenting on it. My teenage self still hasn't recovered.

Fandom really has changed since I was a teen. The communication gap has narrowed where people can reach out to connect with almost anyone or see pictures and videos that they wouldn't have been able to see before. It's pretty cool.

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