Thursday, July 21, 2016


For those of you seeing this and wondering what I'm doing now, this is part of the Pitch Wars contest and something that could be a little fun or end up a train wreck.

Soooo....where to start....

Why Am I Entering Pitch Wars?

I'm entering because I need to get my adult manuscript to the next level. After rounds of CPs and betas, it's as polished as it can be. I'm sure an awesome PW mentor can help get it to where it needs to be. I'm ready to bust my ass in edits and do the work. I like honest give it to me straight.

I want someone who will love my characters as much as I do, and possibly hate me at the end of the story. I want someone not afraid to call me on issues (like my CP who banned me from using the word smirk) but also someone I can learn from.

What do I write?

Dark adult speculative fiction and urban fantasy. If it's not on the darker side, I get bored. My current manuscript has a mystery element to it. I like characters who are emotionally wounded (often broken), can fight, and are sarcastic smart asses. I always swear there will be no love interest in my WIP, but one shows up. I'm a sucker for a good romantic sub-plot. With all the crap I put my characters through, they need a little something to keep them going. Though I appreciate a happy ending in books I read, I don't always write them. My characters often get happy for now.

Some Faves

Some of my favourite books are:
American Psycho
Wizard's First Rule (I love the series)
American Gods
Mists of Avalon
The Outsiders

My all time favourite is still Interview With The Vampire. I adore Anne Rice (though I promise there are no vampires in my submission). I love her characters, the history she builds into her books, and her beautiful writing.

Favourite shows (when I allow myself to watch TV):
Mr. Robot
The first two seasons of Heroes
The first season of True Detective

My Quirks?

I have music on when I write and often come up with play lists for my manuscripts. The one I'm entering into Pitch Wars was written to Chris Cornell/Audioslave/Soundgarden with some Godsmack thrown in.

When I'm stuck, I bust out the peanut butter M&Ms to help me write. It does work...most of the time. When it doesn't, it's sambuca and Dr. Pepper.

I leave myself notes as I draft which include things like, "Why didn't she do this already, genius?" or "WHAT TIME IS IT?!?!"

I use astrology to help shape my characters.

I also don't drink coffee. I think I'm the only news person (I used to work in radio) who doesn't drink coffee. But don't mess with my tea.

I use the word awesome A LOT. And I like Supernatural gifs.

On A More Personal Note...

When I'm not torturing my characters, I'm a mother to two imps, work as a circulation clerk at a library, do publicity for Pen and Kink Publishing, and co-host #DarkLitChat on Twitter once a month and moderate the corresponding Google community. Occasionally, I like to eat and sleep.

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