Thursday, June 2, 2016

Omega Rising - Book Review

I was lucky to receive an advanced copy of Anna Kyle's new book, Omega Rising, that comes out on June 7, 2016. Though I was provided with a copy, all opinions are my own.

Anna Kyle is another author I met on Twitter, which made reading her book a little nerve wracking. I enjoyed Skye Falling (see review here) but have gotten to know Anna a little more since then. There's always that fear, what if I'm just not that into it? I was fairly confident that I'd enjoy Omega Rising, the first book in her Wolf King series, because I liked the premise and world she had built in Skye Falling.

Omega Rising didn't disappoint.

To give you a bit about the story, here's the cover copy:

Cass Nolan has been forced to avoid the burn of human touch for her whole life, drawing comfort instead from her dreams of a silver wolf—her protector, her friend. When her stalking nightmares return, her imaginary dead sister’s ghost tells her to run, Cass knows she should listen, but the sinfully hot stranger she just hired to work on her ranch has her mind buzzing with possibilities. Not only does her skin accept Nathan’s touch, it demands it. Cass must make a decision—run again and hope she saves the people who have become her family, or stand and fight. Question is, will it be with Nathan or against him?

Nathan Rivers’ life is consumed by his quest to find the Omega wolf responsible for killing his brother, but when the trail leads him to Cass and her merry band of shapeshifters, his wolf wants only to claim her for himself. When evidence begins piling up that Cass is the Omega he’s been seeking, things become complicated—especially since someone else wants her dead. Saving her life might mean sacrificing his own, but it may be worth it to save the woman he can’t keep from reaching for.

There is a lot of humour in this book, at least in my opinion. Some things that Cass said to Nathan, surprised me. I'd have one of those, "She didn't seriously say that" moments, then realize she did and start laughing. More than a few times, I laughed out loud. At one point, Kyle had me both close to tears during an emotional part, but laughing at the same time. Humour isn't easy to get right when you're writing, mostly because everyone's is different, but Kyle did a great job.

The romantic tension in this book, almost killed me. I wanted Cass and Nathan to get out of their own ways to get together. Sometimes I felt like shaking them. There was a lot of, come close then pull away moments. Arg! Needless to say, readers are happy in the end.

Like, Skye Falling, Kyle has strong, sassy women in Omega Rising--which is always a win for me. Cass is independent and caring, ready to protect her friends. I loved her depth. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, and often does to everyone, including the intimidating Tremont. As much as I liked it, there were a few times I thought it went a little far, but it wasn't a deal breaker.

I also liked Nathan, a brooding, hunky, shifter. It took me a while to warm up to him because I found him a little too cold. But my opinion on him isn't important, he was meant for Cass, not me, and they fit together perfectly. Her spirit is tempered by his seriousness, and vice versa.

As I mentioned earlier, I like the world Kyle built with the shifters and the Wolf King. There's a well thought out mythology surrounding it all, which we start to learn about in Omega Rising. Not only are there shifters, but magic and fae, as well as other entities. I'm looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

I enjoyed the story Kyle wove to start the series. There's action and romance, mixed with loyalty and distrust. It took me a while to sort out the politics, but I think that was my fault for being tired when it was explained and I missed something (serves me right for reading when I'm overtired). At one point I found there was a little too much prolonged tension between some of the characters, which made for a bit of a heavier read--but that's just my opinion. Overall the pacing kept up, and everything was resolved for Cass and Nathan in the end with room for more to come.

I recommend Omega Rising for those who like paranormal romance reads and I'm looking forward to the next one in the series.

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