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The Reburialists - A Book Review

The mark of a great book is when you can't put it down...even to cook. That was me reading The Reburialists. I was useless for three days until I finished it. I'd read J.C. Nelson's Grimm Agency series, which I liked, so I was looking forward to The Reburialists. I LOVED this book. It's been a day since I finished reading it and I'm still in book hangover mode, not ready to start reading anything else.

Brynner Carson works for the Bureau of Special Investigations. He's their top operative and son of BSI founder and legend, Heinrich Carson. Trying to live up to his father's reputation isn't easy as he works to kill Re-Animus (undead). When a corpse talks to him, demanding the return the heart of the Re-Animus's long-dead Queen that his father stole, Brynner is forced to return to the home he ran away from.

BSI Senior Analyst Grace Roberts is sent with Brynner to decode Henrich's journals, hoping to discover the location of the stolen heart, and earn the extra pay she desperately needs. In the home of Brynner's aunt and uncle, Grace finds a kindness she isn't used to. Though she knows all the theories, soon she is forced to fight along Brynner to save the world.

Because I'm not a zombie fan, I was a little leery going into the book. Mythology is my thing and this story is drenched in it. The Reburialists uses Egyptian mythology, one of my favourites, so that scored it big points.

The story is deep and a lot happens. By the time I finished reading The Reburialists, I felt like I'd been through a long, hard journey, which is good. Nelson made me laugh, broke my heart (several times), made me cheer, and made me worry. He had me wondering until the very end how they were going to overcome the Re-Animus Queen.

I knew within the first few pages that I was going to like this book. Brynner is a tough smart-ass, my favourite kind. Add in his emotional wounds and I'm all over that! I loved Brynner's deep character and my heart ached for him as he struggled. Then there's Grace, a smart, tough woman who speaks up and won't take Brynner's it! Grace has her own issues and again, I really felt for her. I truly cared about these characters.

The women in this book were very strong. I liked that. Though Grace wasn't trained to fight, she did well enough, even saving Brynner at times. It was nice to see women who didn't just follow the male main character around blindly. I was also extremely pleased that Grace didn't talk a lot about what she wore, tried to run around in high heels, or worried about getting her hands dirty. That's my kind of character!

Pile on some action. There's lots of action, being killers of the undead, how could there not be. I'm a fan of knife work, most of the characters I write use knives, and that's Brynner's weapons of choice. I thought the action scenes were very well done, descriptive, without being confusing or overly gory (I know they are tricky to write).

And the topper...a well-done romantic sub-plot. As I've said before, I'm a huge sucker for a good romantic sub-plot, and this one delivered. I felt the connection, the longing, their struggle. It drove me crazy (in the way it should)! I was practically screaming for Brynner and Grace to get together. I needed to know what happened between them, as much as I wanted to know how they were going to win and overcome their inner demons.

This was a well rounded book with everything I love. The only minor issue I had was that Brynner was made out to be too much of a ladies man. I didn't mind it at first, but eventually I wondered how many women he'd bedded and found it gross.

Though this book just came out, I am hoping there will be another in the series. I want one soooo bad!

So do I recommend this book...oh hell yes!

If you'd like to learn more about The Reburialists, check out the interview I did with J.C. Nelson here.

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