Monday, April 11, 2016

The Library Project

I was scrolling through Twitter on Thursday and found a post asking for help from bloggers. Once I read it, I couldn't pass it up.

I've loved books for as long as I can remember and always try to support projects that get books to children who may not otherwise have access to them. Reading is such an important skill and should be encouraged. Books can expand your mind, help you escape, give you a different perspective, and more. All children should have access to books.

The Library Project donates books and libraries to under financed rural primary schools and orphanages in Asia.

So to fulfill this blog I will tell you about what I read when I was younger...

My first book obsession was Nancy Drew.

Just seeing these covers, takes me back. I remember both of them and I'm not going to reveal how long ago it was that I read them.

I used to eagerly wait for new books to be released and often had them on reserve at my local library. I also had quite the collection at home and I wish I'd kept them.

While other girls my age read Sweet Valley High or The Babysitters Club, I couldn't get enough of the amateur sleuth. Looking back, the books weren't filled with a woman worrying about clothing choices, finding a date (though she did have a boyfriend, her life didn't revolve around him), or putting down other women--something often found in books geared towards girls/young women/women. Nancy and her friends went off on adventures and used their heads to solve mysteries.

Nancy Drew was a huge part of my life for at least three years. I remember lying in bed most of the day reading or my mom bringing me my morning tea (we are a tea drinking family so I started early) when I'd wake up and start my day by reading.

In the past year, I met an editor who worked on newer Nancy Drew books. I admit, I totally fan-girled on her. She instantly became one of my heroes.

Writing this post has left me feeling quite nostalgic. I think I'll have to pick up one of these Nancy Drew books and reread it.

What was your favourite childhood book?

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  1. I loved Nancy Drew as a child and I actually still have some of the books on my shelves. They are too precious. Thank you so much for supporting this cause! :)