Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tarot Spread For Your Character

I'm writing a new novel that's unrelated to the two other series I have started. Being a non-plotter, I have my ideas and am working on an exploratory draft of the story. Unfortunately, the character is not coming to me as easily as I'd like. So today I got out my Tarot to delve into her a little more.

I peeked at a few spreads I found on the internet, but didn't see any I liked. I usually make up my own spreads anyway, so that's what I did.

Here's the one I used:


This is the card the represents your main character. It gives you an idea of the core of the character or what the character's life will be like.


This is what it sounds like, your character's strength, or a strength that needs to be used during the story.


Also what it sounds like. Where is your character weak? This could also be viewed as an area of improvement.

Remember that strengths aren't always good and weaknesses aren't always negative. A strength can be the wrong trait at the wrong time, a weakness could be the right trait at the right time. It depends on how your character uses these in the story.

Short Term Desires

What is your character looking for in the near future? Could be days, weeks. It's a short term goal.

Long Term Desires.

This is what your character wants in the coming years.

Hidden Desires

We all have them, those secret things we want to do. Sometimes we know about them, sometimes they are sub-conscious.

Knows About Self

This is something the character is sure about her personality. This could be an area of confidence (maybe over confidence?) or something that plays off the strength.

Misconception About Self

What does the character think she knows about herself but isn't true. We can see ourselves positively or negatively, but our perception isn't necessarily the truth.

Needs To Learn About Self

This could be something the character could learn about herself in the course of the book, or maybe it's a longer term awareness.

Attitude Towards Friends

How does your character treat her friends? How does she feel about them? How does she act towards them?

Attitude Towards Lovers

How does your character view lovers? How does she interact with them?

Attitude Towards Word

What is your character's feelings towards her employment? How does she act at work?

This spread is just a guideline. You can remove or add cards as necessary. Maybe you're writing a young adult book instead so you need to know how your character feels about school rather than work. Maybe you need to know how your character feels about money, add it in. Tarot spreads are never set in stone, play with them until you figure out what works for you.

I've been learning, teaching, and reading Tarot cards for about 25 years now. If you have any questions, about this spread or Tarot in general, feel free to contact me.

Do you ever use Tarot to delve deeper into your characters?

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