Monday, February 8, 2016

Dark Currents - A Book Review

I recently finished reading Dark Currents by Jacqueline Carey. I came across the book at my local bookstore and thought I'd give it a shot. I always love trying new authors.

In Dark Currents, half-demon and liaison for the Norse Goddess Hel, Daisy Johanssen, must w
ork with her long-time crush, police officer and werewolf, Cody Fairfax, to solve the drowning death of a college student. Though the family is putting pressure on the police department in Pemkowet to rule it as an accidental death, it's not. Daisy and Cody know the young man's murder has ties to the eldritch (supernatural) community, and if not handled carefully, could cause problems between the mundane world and eldritch.

I must admit, this book wasn't for me. I had a hard time getting into the story and found that I didn't care if the case was solved. The stakes weren't high enough for me to worry about it for the first 300 pages. Once Daisy and Cody finally figured out what really happened, then it got a little more interesting, but still not enough to really draw me in and make me want to get to the end as soon as possible. It was a good thing I didn't put the book down and forget about it.

One of the hardest things about writing fantasy is the world building. This Carey did very well. I liked the way she developed the interaction between the paranormal and the mundane. The story takes place in the tourist town of Pemkowet where the veil between supernatural and mundane is thinner than other places. This allows paranormal beings to thrive there. There were several different supernatural entities, with I liked, especially the appearance by the Oak King. Carey did a good job of making her world believable.

I found the main character, Daisy Johanssen, too contrary. Most of the time she came off as immature and ditsy, especially when she cheered for herself when she used a big word. I understand that she was still learning about her abilities and her role as Hel's enforcer, but she seemed too inexperienced. It really hurt Daisy's credibility when her former babysitter, Lurine (who is also a supernatural entity), showed up to protect Daisy when she, Cody, and another detective were going to question the local Ghouls. There were other times you'd get a glimpse of someone I thoughts was much cooler, especially when she drank her scotch and listened to Blues records. The two sides of her personality seemed too contradictory for me.

I also didn't feel the attraction between Daisy and Cody or Daisy and Stefan. I like it when I'm dying for the main character and love interest to kiss or get together. Here, I didn't feel it at all. There were a few moments where it was close, but I didn't find myself rooting for any relationship.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough I liked in this book to make me pick up the next one.

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