Monday, December 28, 2015

Prepping For A New Year

I'm ready to tuck 2015 up, stick it in my pocket, and move on.

The year has been full of major challenges, mostly related to my business, which has over shadowed almost everything else. There were some highlights: writing three novels, meeting some great people (mostly via Twitter), and going to see Chris Cornell (yes, I'm still going on about that).

Despite the challenges, 2015 was a year of finding myself again. Remembering who I am and getting back to the things that I love, especially writing and music.

The coming year will be one of change. Near the end of January, I'm closing my retail business. It wasn't an easy decision but several factors played into it. I'm in the midst of planning a new online venture with my mom, who also owns her own retail business.

One of my completed urban fantasy manuscripts is ready to be queried again. I can't wait! I'd started querying in June, then met an awesome freelance editor, Kate Angelella, who connected with the story. I decided to work with her. She helped me bring my manuscript up to the next level.

I'm also looking forward to 2016 because some of the people I've met have books coming out! One I've been anxious to read since I first saw her pitch it over a year ago during a Twitter pitch party. To learn more about Blackbird Summer and the wonderful author Em Shotwell, visit her blog. Watch for her cover launch next week.

The book Tiger Lily by Wende Dikec also comes out next month, which I'm looking forward to. I met Wende one evening on Twitter when I was feeling stuck in my own writing and she had tweeted something that reminded me to keep going. For more, visit her blog here.

My critique partner also landed an agent in 2015. I've read her manuscript a few times and loved it. Hopefully this will be her year to find a home for that manuscript with a publishing company. I'm excited for her as well. Keep watching my blog for more on her first book.

So, here's to 2016 being a year where all the seeds I've planted start growing.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out Elesha! I cannot wait to read your book. Just from reading your query- it sounds so so amazing!