Monday, November 30, 2015

Just Not Feeling It

I've been pondering what to write for a blog post for over an hour now. I have a few started but they aren't working for me today. Basically, I'm just not feeling it today. And with that thought, the light bulb goes on and I have a blog post.

We all go through these times, where we aren't into it. It could be anything from writing to our paying jobs to exercising...basically anything. There are days that we want to skip to the end of the day because we aren't into it. It's not laziness, more of a disconnect.

And that's okay!

It can be annoying because you want to do an activity, but for some reason it's not flowing. It could be just an off day, maybe you're overtired, maybe you're bored, maybe the planets are out of alignment...who knows. Things just aren't flowing.

As writers we often hear that it's important to write every day no matter what. After all, we still have to show up at our paying jobs even if we don't feel like it.
So what's a writer to do when she's just not feeling it?

1) Remember that it will pass. You could just be in a down cycle and maybe tomorrow you'll feel better, or maybe not. Eventually, the cycle will end.

2) Work on another project. Sometimes it helps to work on something that you have set aside. Maybe some editing, maybe a blog post.

3) Show up and do the work anyway. Sit down and pound out some words. Sometimes all you need to do is get started.

4) Read. When I feel drained from writing or editing, I'll grab a book and read. Sometimes what I'm reading will reignite the spark. At worst, I got to relax and read a book.

5) Veg out. Sit down and catch up on the shows that you've been missing because you're so busy writing. Let your subconscious work things out while you turn the rest of your brain off with a good TV show.

6) Do something physical. Get some of that neglected housework done, go for a walk, exercise, dance...just get moving. There have been times when a little physical activity has gotten me out of my down cycle and prompted new ideas.

7) If I don't feel like writing but want to do something related, I'll sit down with my character profiles to fill them in a little more or work on my world building files. That way I at least feel like my writing is moving forward, even if I'm not working on my manuscript.

Is there anything you do when you're in a down cycle to get out?

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