Friday, September 4, 2015

Skye Falling - A Review

I recently finished the paranormal romance, Skye Falling. This novella is the first release by author Anna Kyle, published by Red Moon Romance. This book is part of a series that will start with Omega Rising (release date TBA).

The book is about a Halfling-Fae princess named Skye who is determined to save herself. Her wolf-half will not wake and seems to be draining her Fae magic, which is slowly killing her. Hearing of the Wolf King, Skye takes off to find him, hoping that he can awaken her wolf and save her life.

Lake, the Wolf King’s second in command and enforcer, is charged with keeping Skye safe as a favour to the Fae king. Reluctant to do the task, Lake finds himself on a ride he never expected. When he grabs Skye, her wolf wakes enough to bite Lake and his wolf returns the favour, linking them as mates. When Lake can’t sense Skye’s wolf-half, they wonder if the bond is false. There is suspicion that a spell was cast to mimic the mate bond so the Fae can get close enough to the Wolf King to kill him. To find out the truth, they must visit to a shaman. On that journey, they grow close and develop strong feelings for each other as they are attacked by Dark Fae and bicker with each other.

Kyle has built a rich world where the paranormal lives in secret along side the humans. I love books that do that because it’s fun to think that our world is full of more magic and mystery than we are aware of. Her world has texture and is believable.

Skye is a little fire cracker, which I love. She is a great blend of princess snob and sassy-bad-ass. She’s not going to wait for a man to rescue her. From the first page, she is her own woman, ready to save herself. She won’t bow to her fate, she’s ready to fight. Then you have Lake, the hot, wolf enforcer. I like his grumpy nature at the start and how Skye puts him in his place. As the story goes on, you see his softer side and his ferocious commitment to his mate – even if he’s reluctant at first. In the beginning their connection feels a little forced, but by the middle of the book it settles nicely and by the end you’re hoping their mate bond is true, that Skye will survive, and left a little hot under the collar after their intimate encounters, which are done with a good amount of heat.

The story is told from Skye and Lake’s perspectives. I don’t mind stories with various points of view, but I’m not a fan of viewpoints shifting mid-chapter. Maybe it’s the organizer in me, but I like when a chapter sticks with one person’s perspective. I accepted this and was able to move on. It’s not a breaking point for me, just a strong preference.

Skye Falling starts right in the action with Skye seeking the Wolf King and Lake following her. I found the beginning a little stiff, trying to catch the reader up on what’s going on and the politics. As part of a larger series, I image there will be a lot going on, and Kyle has built a good founding her rich world. For this book though, the start a little info heavy given the fun, frisky nature of the rest.

Though I wasn’t totally pulled in at the start, I liked the characters and wanted to know what would happen to Skye. The ending of the book (nope, not telling you, you have to read it) was so well done that I’m looking forward to reading more of this series. The reveal and the writing for the end had me staring at my screen (I read the ebook), unwilling to stop reading until I knew how it all turned out.

If you enjoy paranormal romance and want something with some spice that you can read in a day or two (depending on your reading speed). Pick up Skye Falling and give it a shot. I think that author Anna Kyle will tell us some good tales in her coming books.

For an excerpt of Skye Falling, visit Anna's guest post on my blog.

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