Friday, January 30, 2015

Writing Prompt Challenge

I thought I'd take up a writing prompt challenge from A Writer's Path .
Here's what I came up with...

My body ached and my head pounded. I opened my eyes.

Why is the world upside down?

The world wasn't upside down, I was. That explained the pain in my shoulders. How long had I been out with my arms hanging over my head? Judging by the stiffness and the fading daylight, a couple hours.

The ground far below me swayed side to side as I moved gently in the breeze. Nausea began to overrule the panic setting in. I inhaled deeply and pushed it down, trying to ignore it before I was sick. What would it be like to puke while hanging upside down? Nope, didn't want to know.

I struggled to see how I was suspended and caught a glimpse of a rope around my feet. 

How did that happen? The last thing I remembered was stumbling down a hill while hiking through the forest.

Okay, another deep breath. Need to think. Don't freak out.

The rustling of trees disrupted my thoughts. Judging by the noise and cracking, something huge was heading my way. I struggled to reach my feet in a futile effort to untie myself. The movement caused me to swing faster and my stomach lurched.

The noise stopped. Something stood nearby. I could hear its breathing.

Abandoning my escape attempt, I looked. Several feet away stood a being as tall as some of the old forest trees, dressed in a mix of furs, deftly sewn together to cover his massive form. When I saw his face, I stared, unable to comprehend what I was seeing.

A single blue eye watched me from the centre of his forehead.

His voice rumbled like thunder when he said, "Dinner time."

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