Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shout Out To The Support Team

As I continue my writing journey, I know that it would be even more difficult without my support team that helps me along and gives me a push when needed. I am grateful for these people because I may have packed it in without their encouragement. Sometimes even a small action or word is enough to change someone's outlook.

As part of 2015, I hope to show my appreciation more in all areas of my life so I will start here.

My husband gets the biggest shout out. He has given me up to "my people" as he calls them every night after the children go to bed. We don't have anyone to pawn our kids off on (aside from school) so the only time we have to ourselves is after they go to bed. He has been my biggest fan so far, encouraging me to pursue my dream and reading everything from my manuscript (multiple times) to letters to agents to summaries. I'm glad I can rely on him for an honest opinion and to allow me guilt-free writing time. He probably knows more about writing, literary agents and publishing than he ever wanted to.

My girls have also been a pretty good support team. My nine-year-old will inquire what sort of story I'm writing and though the four-year-old doesn't understand the process yet, she is supportive by playing independently when I need to send out queries or work on a summary or letter.

The writers' group I was invited to join has been wonderful. I don't live in an area where there is a writing group that meets regularly so it means a lot to have a place to connect with other people. Thank you for sharing your work and thoughts as well as critiquing my work (looking at you Ray and Andrew).

I also thank my beta readers. My sister has been invaluable in her feedback, though she's still reading. If anyone will find plot holes, it's her.

My friends deserve some acknowledgement as well, even if they don't know it. I've become even more of a hermit as I sit down every night to write. Hopefully they will still be there when I poke my head out of my cave for a week or so when I finish writing this next novel.

It's not a long list but I'm grateful to everyone on it.

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