Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bring on 2015

A new year is upon us and like most, I feel it's a new chance for many things. Let's hope it's a wonderful and prosperous year.

Though 2014 was not one of the better years for me, it was the year I pulled out my first manuscript, Shadowed Soul, blew off the dust and finished polishing it. It had sat around for about four years because I was crazy enough to have a second child and am now finally getting my life back, which means doing the things I love again, especially writing.

Last year was also the year I started and finished the first draft of the sequel to Shadowed Soul and started writing a third novel. So overall, it was a good start at getting back into writing.

Looking back, I now see that I wasn't ready five years ago when I finished my first novel. There were still some life experiences I needed in order to make my work better and to reach a better place personally. When I revised my work after my long hiatus, I had a new perspective to draw on and am ready to continue my writing journey. I just hope that I don't need to let the sequel sit for four years before the rewrite.

During a recent Tarot reading I did for myself, I pulled the card Chains (the equivalent in other decks is The Devil) to represent my writing. This card indicates that I'm the one holding myself back, as the card depicts two figures standing with their eyes closed as if they were bound, but the dragon has freed them, yet they do not move. So it's time for me to open my eyes and remove any limitations I'm putting on myself as far as my writing is concerned.

That could make for some very interesting writing this year.

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