Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Search Continues

Rejections from literary agents are trickling in for my paranormal novel, but that's okay, I was prepared for that. I'll add them to the radio ones I received when I was starting my career in news. Eventually an agent will give me a shot, if not for this novel, then my next (how's that for optimism?).

When I first started reading about the query process, it was very intimidating.  Agents seem like an untouchable entity that sit between you and your goal to get published. They want you to write a letter that gives them a small, yet exciting, glimpse at what your story is about and a bit about yourself. Sounds easy enough...but it's not. Getting that synopsis just right to spark their interest so they ask for more is challenging,  especially knowing they look at dozens of queries a day and only accept a few new clients.

As my rejections arrive there's one thing I have appreciated; most of the agents say thank you for giving them the opportunity to see your project. I expected to receive short emails stating, "No, not what I'm looking for. " The emails I've received so far aren't much longer but at least they sound appreciative, even if they are likely a form letter.

I've started reading blogs for several agents, which are often very interesting. One blog I read that has stuck with me is by a new agent (she was the first to turn me down with a very nice personal email). She posted a piece about writers who lash out at agents that have rejected their work titled Things I Wish Authors Knew. It made me realize the importance of having an agent who loves and is excited about my work. I was lucky to read this before I really started querying. I've come to view finding an agent like finding any partner, not everyone will be right for me so I have to wade through the choices until I do find the right one...of course while constantly reevaluating my query letter.

So I continue to research agents (which seems to border on stalking) and learn as much as I can to improve my chances.  If nothing else I'm discovering lots of great blogs, some of which are listed on the right side of this page.

How is your journey going?

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