Monday, September 15, 2014

Writer's Block

I seem to be experiencing an uninspired period. Whether it be staring at a blank page or screen, trying to come up with the criminal to fill out the plot for a new book idea, or trying to write a blog, nothing is coming to me right now.

A big part of it likely has to do with the problem I'm having with my youngest imp, who just started junior kindergarten. She's been screaming, with all the gusto of a horror movie victim, when I drop her off in the morning, ruining the rest of my day as I worry about her. Of course, she's fine at school after I leave but that doesn't erase the memory of her little hands clinging desperately to me.

That sort of stress is not conducive to creativity.

I would be interested to hear how others deal with their own writer's block in the comments below.

I went back and read some uncompleted short stories to see if that would inspire me to add a little to them. Unfortunately, not this time.

I brainstormed some ideas for that new book I mentioned, but am still stuck in filling out the ending. Being a mystery type, I need to know who did it before I start the book.

I looked to my blog. Maybe coming up with a new topic and posting would spark my creativity. Obviously not if I'm writing about my writer's block.

As I was editing the book I just finished writing, I kept coming up with plans for the next installment. The characters were impatiently screaming at me to continue their story. Of course, I wrote the ideas down so I went back and reviewed them. I know where I want to go with that story, so I started the sequel to the book I just finished. I'm still stumped on a few parts but I figure as long as I get something started then I have a base and can add or delete later.

My creative energy is just in a down cycle right now and will bounce back soon.

I just hate waiting.

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